Build a blog with Astro
In this project we'll use Astro to create a blog similar to, using MDX and Astro Collections
astro typescript tailwind

My blog is powered by Astro.

This site you’re on is powered by Astro too, but let’s focus on the blog.

I couldn’t be happier running my blog with Astro.

And I really recommend it as a stack to build your own blog with, too.

In this project we’re going to create a website very similar to my blog, using Astro and some of its super cool features:

  • Static and dynamic routes
  • Built-in markdown handling capabilities
  • Pagination
  • Frontmatter schema
  • Layouts
  • Content Collections
  • View Transitions
  • Tailwind integration
  • Sitemap

We’ll build a 100% static site you can host on Netlify, Vercel, or Cloudflare Pages to name a few options.

Our blog will have those pages:

  1. The homepage, which will have an intro and then the list of the last few blog posts and the full list of tags
  2. A paginated blog posts list
  3. The blog posts
  4. The tags pages

Each blog post will have one (or more) tags. Clicking a tag will bring us to a page that lists all the posts with that tag.