Alpine.js: Watching variables change

You can watch/listen for changes in an Alpine data variable, and run a function when a change happens.

You do so in the x-init attribute which contains code that’s run when Alpine is initialized.

For example I have some HTML that belongs to a modal, and any time this modal is opened I want to clear the name data, so the input field is always empty:

  x-data="{ name: '' }"
  x-init="$watch('showModal', () => { name = '' })">
    <input name="name" x-model="name" />

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Installing Alpine
2: The basics of Alpine
3: Events
4: Defining data
5: Looping
6: Binding user input to variables
7: ▶︎ Watching variables change
8: Stores
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