Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop API lets you define which elements in the page are draggable, and intercept when the user drags an element.

Before we start studying the API, we must know how to define which elements in the page are draggable. We can do so by adding the draggable attribute in the page HTML, with a value of true:

<div draggable="true">

This is enough to make the element draggable.

Note that images, text selections and links are draggable by default unless you set draggable to false on them

We can also drag files from the user computer inside the browser. In this case we are transferring files.

Lessons in this unit:

0: ▶︎ Introduction
1: Drop targets
2: Drag events
3: Dragging data
4: Set / get the effect
5: The data being transferred
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