Form fields: Autocompleting form fields

The autocomplete attribute can be set on the whole form, or on individual fields.

You can set it to “on” or “false”:

<input autocomplete="on" />
<input autocomplete="off" />

Or, you can set it to fields that the browser will try to auto-fill based on what it knows about the user:

  • name
  • given-name (first name)
  • family-name
  • additional-name
  • email
  • username
  • new-password
  • one-time-code
  • street-address
  • country-name
  • postal-code
  • url
  • bday birth date
  • sex
  • tel

…and more! (see the full list on MDN)

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Form submit field
2: Specialized input fields
3: Checkboxes
4: Radio buttons
5: File input fields
6: Textarea
7: Select
8: ▶︎ Autocompleting form fields
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