History API: Navigating the history

We use the methods:

  • back()
  • forward()
  • go()

Let’s start with the simplest thing you can do with the History API.

Go back to the previous page:


this goes to the previous entry in the session history. You can forward to the next page using


This is exactly just like using the browser back and forward buttons.

go() lets you navigate back or forward multiple levels deep. For example

history.go(-1) //equivalent to history.back()
history.go(-2) //equivalent to calling history.back() twice
history.go(1) //equivalent to history.forward()
history.go(3) //equivalent to calling history.forward() 3 times

To know how many entries there are in the history, you can call


Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: ▶︎ Navigating the history
2: Add an entry to the history
3: Modify history entries
4: Access the current history entry state
5: The `popstate` event
6: The `hashchange` event
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