Learn this very interesting library that lets you build dynamic Web applications with client/server communication without writing any JavaScript

HTMX is an absolutely brilliant frontend library specialized in working with HTTP requests, sending data to a server, updating the UI based on some action, and so on.

It’s not meant to be a UI library like Alpine, which is more oriented at adding interactivity to a page. HTMX is still a frontend library, but it’s more data-oriented, and its goal is to fully replace a UI library like React or Angular, and instead use the full power of HTML (enhanced by HTMX) and hypermedia.

Sending HTML over the wire.

In this unit I’ll explain the basic building blocks of HTMX and I’ll show you how you can use those handy primitives to create Web Applications with ease.

I will explain the basics of htmx.

Learn more on the official website at and read the book Hypermedia Systems at

Lessons in this unit:

0: ▶︎ Introduction
1: Why htmx
2: The core idea of htmx
3: Installing htmx
4: Doing a GET request
5: Swap
6: POST request
7: Targets
8: Loading indicator
9: Confirming actions, and prompts
10: Triggers
11: Request headers
12: Response headers
13: Events
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