Arrays: Filling an array

You can initialize a new array with a set of values using this syntax, which first initializes an array of 12 elements, and fills each element with the number 0:

const b = Array(12).fill(0)

const b = Array() is another way to define an array, which is equivalent to using the array literal syntax const b = []

const b = Array()

//same as

const b = []

b is now an array of 12 items that all have the value 0.

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Number of items in an array
2: Create a new array from an existing array
3: Adding an item to an existing array
4: Adding at the beginning of an array
5: Adding multiple items to the array
6: Removing an item from an array
7: Modifying an existing array without mutating it
8: Arrays of arrays
9: ▶︎ Filling an array
10: Array destructuring
11: Check if an array contains a specific value