Basics: Numbers

In JavaScript, you can define numbers without decimal part:

const age = 10
const veryBigNumber = 5354576767321

or numbers with decimals:

const pi = 3.14
const someNum = 0.1234

Numbers are a primitive type in JavaScript.

This means they are passed by value, not by reference.

We’ll see what that means.

All numbers have some methods (we’ll see soon what methods are!) including toString(), toFixed() and some others.

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Literals, identifiers and variables
2: Comments
3: The difference between let, const and var
4: Types
5: Operators and expressions
6: Let's start with arithmetic operators
7: The assignment operator
8: Operators precedence
9: Strings
10: ▶︎ Numbers
11: Semicolons, white space and sensitivity