ES Modules: Multiple exports

We’ve seen how to export a value from a JavaScript file:

const a = 1

export { a }

We can export more by simply adding more values to the export:

const a = 1
const b = 2
const c = 3

export { a, b, c }


A file that wants to use them will be able to use both, or just pick the values it needs:

import { a } from './test.js'

import { a, b } from './test.js'

import { c, b, a } from './test.js'

import { c } from './test.js'

Or, you can import all:

import * from './test.js'

In this case you’ll have all the variables exported by the exporting file available in the importing file.

import * from './test.js'

console.log(a) //1
console.log(b) //2
console.log(c) //3

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Using import and export
2: .mjs files
3: Default exports
4: ▶︎ Multiple exports
5: Renaming exports
6: Using the `script` tag