Loops: The `for-in` loop

for..in, which should not be confused with for..of, can be used to iterate over the enumerable properties of an object:

const dog = { name: 'Roger', color: 'gray' }

for (let property in dog) {
  console.log(property) // 'name' in the first iteration
                        // 'color' in the second

  console.log(dog[property]) // 'Roger' in the first iteration
                             // 'gray' in the second

Since arrays are a special kind of object, we can iterate over the items in an array too:

const dogs = ['Roger', 'Vanille']

for (let index in dogs) {

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: The `for` loop
2: The `do-while` loop
3: The `while` loop
4: The `for-of` loop
5: ▶︎ The `for-in` loop
6: Other kinds of loops
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