Objects: Methods

Remember functions?

Functions can be assigned to an object property, and in this case they are called methods.

In this example, the start property has a function assigned:

const car = {
  start: function () {
    console.log("Car engine started")

We can call this method by using the dot syntax we used for properties, with the parentheses at the end:


Methods can accept parameters, just like regular functions:

const car = {
  brand: "Ford",
  model: "Fiesta",
  goTo: function (destination) {
    console.log(`Going to ${destination}`)

// Going to Rome

and they can return values.

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: How to create an object
2: Object properties
3: Objects are passed by reference
4: ▶︎ Methods
5: Passing objects as function arguments or returning objects from a function
6: Accessing a property of the object inside a method using `this`
7: Object destructuring
8: Cloning objects
9: Sort an array of objects by a property value
10: Merging two objects into one
11: apply, call, bind