Netlify is a great deployment platform, ideal for simple sites.

Netlify is one of my favorite site hosting platforms. I host most of my websites on it.

It’s fast, reliable, and is integrated with GitHub.

It can host static files (which means HTML files, like we’re going to do now) and it can also let you use tools called static site generators (think Hugo, Gatsby..). It also provides serverless functions.


Take a look at, and browse the website a bit to get a general idea. Then come back.

In this unit we’re going to:

  • Introduce Netlify
  • Create a Netlify account
  • Connect GitHub to Netlify
  • Deploy a GitHub repo on Netlify
  • Make a change locally, push it to GitHub, and see Netlify deploy the changes

Lessons in this unit:

0: ▶︎ Introduction
1: Create a Netlify account
2: DEMO Deploy to Netlify
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