Create an app to track your bills with React
In this project we'll build a bill tracker application using React and Vite.
react vite typescript

In this project we’ll build an app to track our bills.

Every month you get a few bills (rent, internet, electricity, gas) and our goal here is to make a cool application that keeps track of them, written using React.

Here’s how the app will work:

  • When the app opens for the first time, it asks you to add your first bill category, like Electricity or Heating costs.
  • After you add a category name, you can add your first bill for that category.
  • You add a few, then you can see all the bills together.
  • You can remove bills by clicking the x next to each one.
  • You can also add new categories by pressing the + button on the top right, and clicking one category in the navigation filters bills by category

Looks like a good set of interactive screens, and an interesting project.

Let’s go!