Display data from an API with React
In this project we'll use React and Vite to display data we'll fetch from the network, in particular from the GitHub API.
react vite typescript

We’re going to create a simple form, with one text input field.

We will wait for the user to type in this form a GitHub username, and when this happens we’ll connect to the GitHub API, client-side, to check the user’s public information, and once we get it, we will show a nice user card.

This project will teach you:

  • how to create reusable components in React
  • how to use state variable
  • how to use props
  • how to lift the state up
  • how to iterate arrays in JSX
  • how to handle a simple form in React
  • how to perform network requests
  • how to update the state of the application
  • how to install and use Tailwind CSS in a React app

All using TypeScript (note that you can use JavaScript if you prefer, you just have to omit the types)

Sounds good? Let’s start!