Storage: Session vs local storage

Both Session Storage and Local Storage provide a private area for your data. Any data you store cannot be accessed by other websites.

Session Storage maintains the data stored into it for the duration of the page session. If multiple windows or tabs visit the same site, they will have two different Session Storage instances.

When a tab/window is closed, the Session Storage for that particular tab/window is cleared.

Session storage is meant to allow the scenario of handling different processes happening on the same site independently, something not possible with cookies for example, which are shared in all sessions.

Local Storage instead persists the data until it’s explicitly removed, either by you or by the user. It’s never cleaned up automatically, and it’s shared in all the sessions that access a site.

Both Local Storage and Session Storage are protocol specific: data stored when the page is accessed using http is not available when the page is served with https, and vice versa.

Web Storage is only accessible in the browser. It’s not sent to the server like cookies do.

Both Local and Session Storage are available on the window object, so you can access them using sessionStorage and localStorage.

Their set of properties and methods is exactly the same, because they return the same object, a Storage object.

The Storage Object has a single property, length, which is the number of data items stored into it.

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: ▶︎ Session vs local storage
2: Setting an item
3: Getting an item value
4: Removing an item
5: Clearing storage
6: Storage size limits
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