TypeScript: There's more...

TypeScript doesn’t end here, of course.

But TS is a whole programming language, and there are a ton of features that you can use once you choose to use it and go all-in.

I personally think the best way to use TypeScript is to just use its type system, so we basically write JavaScript with types, and ignore all the other TypeScript features that are built to help you write more structured programs, for example using classes and more complex inheritance.

I find more joy in writing more function-oriented code rather than going all-in on OOP, so I tend to use TypeScript for its types only.

Your mileage might vary, and your team might require you to use more TS features.

If you want to explore more of what TypeScript can offer, go ahead to the official docs to learn all the details, or start writing your apps and learn as you do!

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Your first TypeScript program
2: Types
3: Typing functions
4: The editor helps you with type errors
5: Running TypeScript code
6: Valid types
7: Type aliases and interfaces
8: Union types
9: Typing arrays with generics
10: The DX of editing TypeScript
11: ▶︎ There's more...
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