Vercel: Deploy to Vercel

Once you’ve created a Vercel account, you can import any repository you have created on GitHub.

Click the “Select a Git Namespace” (confusing terminology) box and click “Add GitHub Account”:


You need to install the Vercel app on GitHub, as we did for Netlify, choosing the “All repositories” option


Once you’re done, you’ll see your repositories list show up:


Click the “Import” button next to the test repository. You’ll be shown some options:


Click the “Deploy” button, and after some seconds you’ll see confetti:


Now click the button “Continue to Dashboard”


Here you see the domain assigned to this project, in my case


Now the site is live on the URL. You can add a custom domain if you want when you’ll be ready to launch this into the world.

But for the time being, this URL is fine.

Now every time you’ll push a new Git commit to the repository, Vercel will “listen” and re-build a new version of the website.

Just like we did with Netlify.

Try doing that now with Vercel.

If you’ve followed all the steps I did the repository is the same on both Netlify and Vercel, so your changes should be displayed on both services.

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Create a Vercel account
2: ▶︎ DEMO Deploy to Vercel
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