Astro: Your first Astro site

Go into a folder on your computer.

I assume you have Node.js installed, which provides npm and npx.

Run this command:

npm create astro@latest
bun create astro@latest

The Astro installer prompts you to pick a folder:

Include sample files for this first installation, it’s easier:

Then go on and install the depencencies:

I pick no TS to keep things simpler:


Now open the project in VS Code and run it with npm run dev.

Astro will start on port 4321, unless you have other things running on that part, in which case port could be 4322 or another one.

and you can see this basic starter project in the browser:

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: ▶︎ Your first Astro site
2: The structure of an Astro site
3: Astro components
4: Adding more pages
5: Dynamic routing
6: Markdown in Astro
7: Images
8: Content collections
9: CSS in Astro
10: JavaScript in Astro
11: Client-side routing and view transitions
12: SSR in Astro
13: API endpoints in Astro
14: Managing forms in Astro COMING SOON