Git: Solving conflicts

In both push and pull there is a problem to consider: if the remote contains changes incompatible with your set of commits, the operation will fail.

This happens when the remote contains changes to a file you’ve been working on too, which affects lines of code you worked on.

Sometimes Git can figure it out and there’s no problem.

But sometimes, you have a conflict.

In the case of push this is usually solved by pulling changes, analyzing the conflicts, and then making a new commit that solves them.

In the case of pull, your working copy will automatically be edited with the conflicting changes, and you need to solve them, and make a new commit so the codebase now includes the problematic changes that were made on the remote.

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Installing Git
2: Initialize a repository
3: Commit changes
4: Branches
5: Push and pull
6: Working with a remote
7: ▶︎ Solving conflicts
8: .gitignore