SQL: Using TablePlus

One of my favorite tools to interact with databases is TablePlus.

TablePlus is an application that is available for any Operating System (Mac, Windows, Linux) and can be dowloaded freely from https://tableplus.com/

It’s a paid app but has a free version which provides all you need to get started.

Once installed you’ll see a screen similar to this:

From here you can connect to a new database by clicking the + button or right-clicking and clicking New → Connection… or from the menu bar “Connection → New”:


From there you have the choice of setting up a connection to basically any kind of database:


If you already have a database set up, you can get its connection URL string, and click “Import from URL” in this screen.

If you don’t, we first have to create a database.

We’re going to use PostgreSQL, which I think is a super flexible and powerful solution.

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: ▶︎ Using TablePlus
2: Create a Postgres database
3: Create a new table
4: Add data to a table
5: Query data with SELECT
6: Delete data from the database
7: Update data with UPDATE
8: Null constraints
9: Unique and primary keys
10: Updating a table structure
11: Joins
12: DEMO Using Vercel Postgres COMING SOON