SQL: Add data to a table

Once you have a table, you can insert data into it.

Take the table we created in the previous lesson.

You can now start adding data into it with the INSERT INTO command:

INSERT INTO people VALUES (20, 'Tony')

Once again, click the people table on the sidebar, and you’ll see the data:

You can insert multiple items separating each one with a comma:

INSERT INTO people VALUES (57, 'Joe'), (8, 'Ruby');

If you want to only fill some columns, for example leaving the SERIAL row empty so it automatically fills, you use this syntax:

INSERT INTO people (name) VALUES ('Harry');

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: Using TablePlus
2: Create a Postgres database
3: Create a new table
4: ▶︎ Add data to a table
5: Query data with SELECT
6: Delete data from the database
7: Update data with UPDATE
8: Null constraints
9: Unique and primary keys
10: Updating a table structure
11: Joins
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