VS Code: The interface

When you start the editor for the first time you will see the welcome screen:

There is a bar on the left, called Activity Bar, with 5 icons.

That gives access to:

  • The Explorer
  • Search
  • Source Control
  • Run and Debug
  • The Extensions

We’ll explore some of those panels in the other lessons.

But from here you can click around, and for example that “Get Started with VS Code” link is a good starting point:

There’s an onboarding and you can for example pick a new theme:

One important thing this introduces is the command palette, which lists a few useful commands, which you open by pressing the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl+shift+p, or from the menu View -> Command palette:

You had a quick glance at the power of VS Code.

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: ▶︎ The interface
2: Opening folders
3: Editing
4: Search
5: Source control
6: Extensions
7: Themes
8: Recommended extensions
9: The command palette
10: Shortcuts
11: Customization
12: Terminal
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