VS Code: Customization

Themes are just one customization you can make. There are many more!

Go to Preferences ➤ Settings (also reachable via cmd ,) to see them:

Everything is highly configurable, and it’s sometimes hard to make sense of it all.

Some nice configuration options I set in my VS Code:

  • Workbench › Side Bar: Location “right”
  • Editor › Minimap: Enabled: false
  • Explorer: Confirm Delete: false
  • Explorer: Confirm Drag And Drop: false
  • Files: Trim Trailing Whitespace: true
  • Editor: Quick Suggestions Delay: 0

You can experiment and read about VS Code a lot. Everyone has different preferences.

This is also the place where you can change the editor font.

I like the DM Mono font. Fira Code is cool too. It’s free, and has some very nice programming ligatures, which transform common constructs like !== and => into nicer symbols.

Enable it by installing the font on your computer and then set the Editor: Font Family preference.

Lessons this unit:

0: Introduction
1: The interface
2: Opening folders
3: Editing
4: Search
5: Source control
6: Extensions
7: Themes
8: Recommended extensions
9: The command palette
10: Shortcuts
11: ▶︎ Customization
12: Terminal