VS Code: Shortcuts

You can do a lot of quick operations with shortcuts.

You can hide the sidebar that hosts the file using the shortcut cmd b

Remember when you typed cmd p to see the list of files, before? That’s a shortcut to a specific feature of the Command Palette. There are others:

  • ctrl shift tab shows you the active files
  • ctrl g opens the command palette to let you enter a line number to go to
  • cmd shift o shows the list of symbols found in the current file

What symbols are depends on the file type. In JavaScript, those might be classes or functions. In Markdown, section titles.

You can switch the color theme used by clicking cmd k then cmd t, or by invoking the Preferences: Color Theme command.

Lessons in this unit:

0: Introduction
1: The interface
2: Opening folders
3: Editing
4: Search
5: Source control
6: Extensions
7: Themes
8: Recommended extensions
9: The command palette
10: ▶︎ Shortcuts
11: Customization
12: Terminal
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